Six Months of Laziness

Remember in the beginning of 2012 when I said I was going to write more and do that #Project365 thing? Yeah, me neither. That felt like yesterday; hard to believe more than six months has rushed by.

No more promises I’m not driven to keep. I will keep writing, however infrequent, most of which will probably end up locked away in MacJournal rather than posted here. Regardless, I really want to provide a little insight about the recent Chick-fil-A uproar.

I still can’t think of a good place to post photos online. Flickr, the de facto photo site, is fairly limited; only 200 recent photos, $25/year to see all, but I’m a cheap bastard, and let’s face it; Yahoo. No. Google+ is… well, Google+. Barren. Barren places are seldom useful. Imgur? Maybe. CloudApp? That’s what I’ve been using, but that’s also limited; ten uploads per day, less than 25MB each. 500px/Razzi? Those are more for curated works, not an upload backend.

Too much to do without enough time to do it all; decisions, decisions. We’ll see.