New Year Plans

2012. Oh my goodness.

I promised myself I’d do some special things this year, and I’m already falling behind. New year’s resolutions have never stuck to me; they seem to fade from view after about a week or two, if that long. Because of that, I won’t call them resolutions, but instead projects. There, that’s less daunting.

I need to keep record of them. Sure, I feel kind of stupid having to keep physical evidence of the promises I’d kept to myself, but at least I have something to look back on, pass or fail. But failure isn’t an option this time.

The first of my projects is so incredibly easy: Take a picture everyday. I love taking pictures, I take them all the time, but it seems to be in spurts; I’m very inconsistent. I want to take better photos and more of them, the only way to learn is by doing, right? Lisa Bettany’s posts have inspired me more than ever to become a professional photographer, if only for personal enjoyment. I have a fantastic smartphone in a mature (and still growing) ecosystem, pair all of that with the best lens in a cellphone and I have absolutely no excuse not to pursue photography more extensively.

The second project in my list can be done anywhere; Write more, and more frequently. Ideally I’d like to write at least once a day, but I’m sure a time will come when that just isn’t doable due to some clash of scheduling. I have my iPhone with me all the time, and if it’s Pages or Notes, I am more than capable of jotting a few lines down anytime inspiration hits.

The third, which I’m sure I’ll have fun with, is Project 365. Essentially, it’s a challenge to write on one topic, everyday, for a year. If I had to pick one topic, it’d be something about iOS. I love iOS, but I also love design and art. I don’t see myself being able to confine to one subject, but I think I’m going to base my Project 365 around analyzing myself. Faults, strengths, things I’d like to change, goals and the like.

The question now is just how much of this I can keep to. Challenge accepted.


2 responses to “New Year Plans

  1. I wish you luck with your 365! I found it so overwhelming I gave up after only 2 months. But I am a perfectionist and I feel so much pressure to only post my very best shots. I think the most important thing is taking photos for yourself. Capturing memories that are meaningful to you are the photos you will cherish the most. Keep shooting and sharing! Can’t wait to see your shots :)

    • Thank you. thank you, thank you so very much for the inspiration. It’s because of you and your blog that I’m taking this on, and it means so much that you took the time to encourage me having barely started! It’s all the motivation and then some for me to vigilantly continue this project. :)

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